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1. Which laboratory analyzes your PCR tests? Is it approved?

We collaborate with laboratories that analyze our PCR tests. Our lab partners use RT-PCR technology that is CE-marked and approved. 

2. Are your PCR tests and Antigen Test approved?

Yes, all our PCR tests and antigen tests are approved for travel certificates and of a high standard as well as CE-Marked and EU-Approved for your safety and security before the trip. 

Our tests meet the requirements of China, Japan, Hong Kong, UK, Turkey, USA, Canada, EU, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Finland, Denmark, South Korea, Israel, Thailand, South America, Africa, Eritrea, Lebanon, Sudan, Gambia, Kenya and many other countries. Read more to find out what exactly your country of destination requires.

3. How long does it take to get my Travel Certificate after the test?

In a normal PCR test you getALWAYSthe same-day travel certificate digitally within 4 hours.

With EXPRESS PCR 2h, you get it within 2 hours.

You get an antigen testALWAYSthe travel certificate within 1 hour.

NOTE: You only get a Travel Certificate if the test is negative, otherwise infection tracking is done by a licensed doctor and all the public health authority's recommendations and requirements are followed, then you also get a doctor's certificate that you tested positive.

4. Is the travel certificate in English?

Yes, all our certificates are issued in English and contain all the necessary information such as test method (RT-PCR test or Antigen test) and the time of the test. Passport number and lab name and doctor's signature.

5. Do all certificates contain a valid QR code?

Yes, all our certificates, both the e-Health Authority's European covid certificate and the digital international ones contain a QR code that can be scanned to verify the authenticity of the laboratory analysis.

6. Do I need a Swedish social security number or Bank ID?

No, it is enough to have a valid ID from another country.

Bring a valid passport if you need a travel certificate, otherwise your identification card is sufficient.

We have no requirements for Bank ID or Swedish social security number. Everyone can take a test with us.

7. What is the difference between a PCR test and a Rapid Antigen test?

A PCR test needs to be analyzed, the answer comes before midnight the same day.  


A Rapid Antigen test is a fast kit that gives answers quickly but is not as sensitive as PCR, our Antigen tests are EU and USA approved and work great for travel in countries that accept Rapid Antigen tests.

8. Are your PCR tests of the type RT-PCR test and is this stated on your travel certificates?

Yes, our PCR tests are so-called RT-PCR tests, this is standard today in the world to get reliable covid-19 PCR test results with travel certificate. RT-PCR stands for Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR).

9. Do you make home visits throughout Stockholm?

Yes, we go out on home visits for PCR tests and Antigen tests throughout Stockholm. Then we issue a Travel Certificate if you want it digitally via our encrypted App/Email. The price of home visits is higher than the usual costs at our clinics, but we offer group discounts for home visits. Email us to get a quote on your address, date and number of people.

10. Do you issue EU covid-19 Recovery Certificate?

Yes we do, contact us 11 days after you tested positive with us for your recovery certificate or certificate of recovery.

11. What happens if I do not receive my travel certificate on time?

Then you can contact us as we have support via e-mail, chat and telephone and we answer at least one of these channels 24/7. But most of the time the certificate is a link in your rubbish bin and you need to go to the rubbish bin and find Certify Health, then the doctor's certificate is there and on it you can read your test result.

12. Do I need a pcr or antigen test?

Visit to see which test is needed in your particular country, our RT-PCR tests are valid in principle everywhere while our antigen tests are only valid in certain countries. Antigen testing is usually sufficient within the EU and to the USA, always double check as it is your own responsibility before the trip.

13. Do I need to book my covid-19 test or do you have Drop-in/Walk-in?

You can book if you want through the our clinics  page but it is not a requirement, we always have drop-in covid tests at our clinics and help our customers with both PCR tests and Antigen tests with atmost of a few minutes waiting time.

14. What information do you have on the travel certificate?

We have everything needed to travel internationally, for example:
- Your passport number

- Your date of birth

- The time for sampling

- The time the certificate was issued by our doctor

- Which laboratory analyzed the sample

- Your name

- Our doctor's name, signature and contact information

Address and company name of both us and the laboratory

- Sampling method / Analysis method (RT-PCR or Antigen test)

- Your test result

15. Are your tests approved for travel to China or Japan?

Yes, please let the staff know when you are going to Japan so that the sample is taken nasally and you receive a special certificate.

16. Can the vaccine give me a positive covid-19 test result when I test myself?

Many ask us this but the answer is no, the vaccine can not lead to a change in your test results. If you are positive, this is not affected by the vaccine.

17. What is the time for the test that is registered on the travel certificate?

Both the time the test was taken and the time the doctor issued the travel certificate are included on the certificate, but the important thing is when the test was taken.

18. What do I need to think about before my covid-19 pcr test or antigen test?

You need to arrive on time, bring valid ID and passport or passport number. Please check what applies to your destination and be symptom-free for our staff and others safety.

19. Do you take Antigen test, or PCR test and issue travel certificates for children?

Yes, we do, but keep in mind that a guardian needs to be present if the person is under 18 years old at the time of the covid-19 pcr or antigen test.

20. How much does an Antigen test or PCR test with a travel certificate cost?

We constantly try to update our prices and offer our customers the cheapest covid test and best service in Stockholm. You can read our current prices here .

21. What happens if I do not receive my covid-19 Antigen test or PCR test travel certificate in time?

This never happens, we have very good reviews and have issued thousands of certificates on time. But if that would happen, the link to the certificate is usually in your junkbox, contact our 24/7 support or emergency hotline via email or phone if you cannot find it there.

22. Is it possible to print the test result / travel certificate?

A digital travel certificate is usually enough to travel, but some countries require a travel certificate in paper form. The certificate is sent to you via an encrypted portal in PDF format, you can print it easily. You can ask our staff upon arrival if you want us to print it for you when your results have arrived, all our clinics have printers on site and we offer this free of charge to all our customers.

23. How long is the travel document valid?

The travel certificate has no expirity date, but the country you are going to has, there are different requirements. At Swedenabroad, you can double-check the requirements, the time is counted from the time we collect your sample. The standard for a PCR test is 48 or 72 hours and the standard for a Rapid Antigen test is usually 24 or 48 hours. Note that this varies between different countries and you must check this, for example, it is currently only the day before to the US and it does not matter how many hours it has passed but it is a calendar day before according to the CDC website.

23. Is it possible to pay in advance?

Yes, it is absolutely possible, trough our booking page you can choose this. Otherwise, it is card or swish that applies upon arrival. We offer invoice payment for our corporate customers.

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