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Covid-19 PCR test, Antigen test & Home or corporate visit for group testing

Reseintyg365 is a Covid-19 PCR test and Antigen test clinic that is primarily run by medical students and doctors. We offer EU-approved Antigen tests with travel certificates with answers within one hour and approved CE-marked PCR tests with travel certificates. Today we have a clinic in Central Stockholm City on Västra Järnvägsgatan 17 to the right of First Hotel Kungsbron, and a clinic in Abrahamsberg, Bromma on Drottningholmsvägen 340. Our expansion has gone fast as we offer a really cheap PCR test with travel certificates, perhaps the cheapest in Stockholm. Today we have also reduced the price of our Antigen test with Travel Certificate to SEK 395, by the way, you can ask on the spot if you do not need a certificate you need to third parties, other prices apply. Our Corona tests are reliable and have both high specificity and sensitivity

All our certificates contain a QR code and are signed by a licensed specialist in general medicine, all our staff are trained and know how to take the safe test for customer safety. Our Antigen Test is included in the EU list of approved antigen tests and we collaborate with a high-quality laboratory for our PCR test analyzes. We also carry out home visits throughout Stockholm for larger groups, which is popular now before Christmas, we also visit events or companies on home visits to test the staff with quick tests or a so-called rapid antigen test. We also perform pcr tests on home visits for larger groups, where we go out to you. The price of home visits for travel certificates via PCR or Antigen test varies, so you can contact us at for a quote.

Our PCR tests are of the type RT-PCR which is the international standard today, our results always come around 22:00 and then you get a digital travel certificate or covid certificate if the test shows negative. If there is a positive test result, our doctor will contact you and perform infection tracking in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Agency's routines and recommendations. Everything we do is based on the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations and we constantly update our routines. Our Antigen tests are so-called fast tests for covid-19, the answer to these you get digitally fast within an hour. We test everyone for covid-19 regardless of which country you traveled from, as long as you have valid identification. PCR tests are often valid for 72-96 hours before departure or arrival at your destination, but sometimes 48 hours as Antigen test, be out in good time so you do not have to take a new test in case your flight should be delayed. However, we always guarantee that the result will come the same evening.

We are often asked "What test do I need to take?" because there are so many countries that are constantly updating their pandemic laws, we can unfortunately know what exactly your destination requires. We refer to which is the Swedish Embassy's website, or to the country where you are traveling to the Embassy for these types of questions. In general, Antigen tests for travel within the EU and PCR tests for trips outside are often needed, however, there are many exceptions, so always double-check. Our travel certificates contain necessary information such as passport number, date of birth, first name, last name, our address, our telephone number, doctor's name and signature, time of the covid test and the time the certificate was issued by the doctor. Unfortunately, today we do not offer customized travel certificates to specific countries such as Japan that require a special certificate with a stamp, this is something we are trying to fix so that we can soon offer these types of certificates.

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