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PCR test in Stockholm with travel certificate or rapid antigen test, what do i need?

Updated: May 16, 2022

On swedenabroad, you can usually read up to the updated information about the destination, however, airlines sometimes have their own rules regarding pcr tests or antigen tests and that information should be obtained from your airline in that case. For example, the United States requires an antigen test travel certificate that is done no later than the day before in the current situation, while Iran requires a PCR test travel certificate of a pcr test taken no later than 72 hours before.

All countries have their own rules and in some cases vaccination certificates or covid certificates are sufficient, often in some European countries. In countries in South America, such as Chile, a PCR test is required, and in many countries in Africa as well as the Middle East and Asia, a PCR test is required. At you can read up on the right information and then book the right test, either an antigen test or a pcr test with a travel certificate on the page of our clinics.

We have a clinic in Bromma, Abrahamsberg on drottningholmsvägen 340 where we perform covid pcr and antigen test every day 10–14 booking or drop-in. We also have a clinic in central Stockholm city, next to the central station and the first hotel Kungsbron which is open every day 09-17 where you can book or visit us on drop-in pcr test travel certificate or antigen test. We are open all year round (every day) and that is why we are called Travel Certificate-365.

Before the summer, we see that many passport times are fully booked, so we recommend that you keep track of the travel requirements for the destination you are going to, so that you do not miss your flight. We will have promotions (which we have right now) on approved pcr test with travel certificate or antigen test so that you get a cheap pcr test with quick response the same day. We want it to be cheap and we always strive to be the cheapest, our vision is to have the cheapest pcr test with a travel certificate or in Stockholm.

All covid-19 pcr tests with us are taken in the throat and then sent for analysis to the lab (B-Sure). All antigen tests are EU approved and CE marked and reliable. Our antigen tests are nasal or nasopharynx depending on the supplier, sometimes it is taken straight up into the nostrils and sometimes the swab behind the nose is inserted into the nasopharynx. We always ensure quality and test products we buy and our medically responsible doctor is a specialist in general medicine who possesses the required knowledge.

All our travel certificates are also medical certificates or health certificates, signed by a licensed doctor and hold a valid QR code so that the analysis can be verified and the authenticity validated. Many countries you travel to require pcr test travel certificates with qr code on and special requirements such as the important times, type of test, doctor's signature, address, telephone number and that it is in English.

Our travel certificates or health certificates follow these requirements for your safety before the trip. We want you to be happy after your pcr test so that you feel safe and have a good trip or vacation if your test shows negative. If it shows positive, this is reported to the public health authority as we follow all requirements and routines as a responsible care provider.

We are not responsible for the requirements and rules of different countries or travel agencies, you are responsible for finding out what is required. Our Covid-19 PCR tests (of the RT-PCR type) are approved by the Swedish Public Health Agency and are CE marked with high quality. We offer different types of Coronatest and use as standard RT-PCR which are approved for entry to almost all countries, for example Thailand, India, USA and Iran. Soon we will also be able to issue recovery certificates or recovery certificates for people who have recovered after at least 11 days after a positive pcr test performed with us by our staff physically.


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