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PCR-test or rapid Antigen which test do i need for travel?

Updated: May 16, 2022

What is a PCR test Travel Certificate or Antigen test for travel? You have probably already heard of the covid-19 pandemic and about pcr tests or rapid antigen tests are required for travel certificates. Covid-19 is a disease that is spreading very fast, now with the Omikron variant it is spreading even faster than ever and countries have thus introduced strict travel restrictions. For example, to travel to Spain, the USA, Thailand and many more countries, a negative travel certificate or so-called health certificate issued by a licensed doctor is required. We at Reseintyg365 have doctors who issue these certificates if your test result shows negative, otherwise infection control measures are carried out in accordance with requirements from the public health authority. Our clinics are located in Stockholm (Abrahamsberg, Bromma and Stockholm City.

A PCR test needs to be analyzed in a laboratory, the lab we work with is named InvitroVista and analyzes using cutting edge RT-PCR technology, so called reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction. This covid-19 pcr test shows if you have the virus in your body or not, it is very reliable and has rapidly become a standard in the world for detecting ongoing covid-19 infections. Rapid antigen test, on the other hand, is only a quick diagnostics test that reacts to the virus via antibodies and our healthcare staff can read the test to see if it is negative, positive or invalid. If an antigen test shows negative, then our doctor can issue a Antigen test travel certificate or covid certificate for the trip that proves you have tested negative. All our certificates contain a QR code and can be obtained digitally trough email (encrypted via our app) or via digital mailboxes such as kivra and then via the e-Health Authority's service covidbevis but also trough text message on your phone.

Today we dont issue recovery certificates and only positive certificates or negative travel certificates based on test results. We also do not perform any antibody tests as we believe that these can provide a false sense of security during the pandemic, the most important thing is that you are vaccinated. Not all countries require a PCR test travel certificate, but then an antigen test travel certificate is sufficient, this is cheaper and gives results faster but is not as sensitive as an RT-PCR test. Antigen testing is a rapid and convenient way to quickly find out if you are ill or not and usually works best when you have, however, PCR testing is the safest and most countries such as South Korea, Iran, Chile, Tanzania and Japan usually require PCR test travel certificates and not Antigen test travel certificates. You are welcome to one of our clinics to ask us for a PCR test travel certificate or Antigen test travel certificate.

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Clinics for covid-19 testing and travel certificates in Stockholm City and Bromma.

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