Drive-Through Testing

PCR test med Reseintyg Kina China 2x reagenser och laboratorium - godkänt

godkänt pcr test

Godkänt RT-PCR-test för Kina. Approved RT-PCR-test with  reagent for China travel with 2 different reagents and laboratory partners.

Läkares signatu

Signerat av legitimerad läkare. Signed by a medical doctor.


Approved for China rules, you need 2x PCR within 24 hours of eachother but maximim 48 hours before flight. We use different clinics and reagents.

digialt reseintyg

Digitalt resultat på e-post samma dag, om du vill skriver vi ut dagen efter eller samma dag vid EXPRESS. Ta BÅDA tester hos oss med två olika reagenser och laboratorium.

Safe and approved with different laboratories. 

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20% rabatt på pcr test nr 2

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Lisa Payne

Excellent service from start to finish- I would highly recommend using this company as I found them to be very professional.
I used this company for an urgent lateral flow test needed to travel.