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PCR-test China - Covid test for China travelers

We provide PCR-test for China travel, we use RT-PCR NAAT tests validated for Chinese travelers to China for example Beijing or Shanghai travelers. The travel certificate comes the same day, we also provide two different pcr-tests within 48 hours of flight (24 hours between tests) with two different reagents and laboratory institutions so it is valid for China travel. You can take both pcr-test for China travel with us because we use different laboratory companies and reagents.

Most China flights are on sundays and therefore usually chinese travelers to China take one PCR-test saturday morning and then one EXPRESS PCR-test sunday morning. You need to send these results to the chinese embassy for HDC confirmation of their "green pass" for travel to China. Our Covid tests are validated for china travel and we guarantee results in time, always. We also have a 24/7 customer support so you always get help if you need it quickly.

We have prepared with extra staff for christmas holidays and chinese new year holiday, you are free to contact us if you need any more information regarding our pcr-test for china travel certificate.

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