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Certificate of Recovery from covid-19 Recovery Certificate - 495 kr

- We offer covid-19 recovery certificate / certificate of recovery when you have tested positive with us, you can get this digitally when at least 11 days have passed since you tested positive. We provide an international certificate in English with a qr code and a specialist doctor's signature that proves this. This can often be used for travel instead of a pcr test or antigen test travel certificate, or vaccination certificate. Recovery  the certificate is valid as a covid certificate before travel, you who have had covid can thus order a recovery certificate for travel to certain countries instead of testing yourself again.

- We Provide a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate / Certificate of recovery when you have tested positive at our place, you can get this digitally 11 days after you have tested positive at our clinic by trained healthcare staff.  It follows an international English format with a QR-code and a medical doctors signature. This can often be used to travel instead of taking a pcr test or rapid antigen test travel certificate or proof of vaccination. The recovery certificate can be used instead of a pcr-test or rapid antigen test as a travel certificate for travel to some countries.

Order Recovery Certificate
Order Recovery Certificate

495 SEK


Covid-19 Tillfrisknandebevis / Recovery Certificate

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